PPC Funnel Metrics

This is one of those overlooked things in many marketing plans. Knowing where you’re at is critical to measuring success. PPC is no exception.

PPC is great at appealing to people at exactly the right point in time, to do exactly what you want them to do. It’s probably the best way to get people who want what you’ve got to engage with you in a meaningful, impact-your-bottom-line way. Discover how a ppc management company can help you.

It’s not terribly good at turning people into customers unless other key aspects are there as well.

This means knowing your exact funnel conversion rate. Of the people who visit, how many commit to interacting with you? With your product or service, how many signal an intent to buy? Of those people, how many actually do buy?

For PPC, your conversion rate is equal to:
Sitewide Visit to lead conversion rate multiplied by lead to sale rate closing rate for services, and Sitewide Visit to cart conversion rate multiplied by cart completion rate for ecommerce.

Unless all of these metrics are working at an acceptable rate, PPC or any other method of driving traffic to your website is ultimately doomed to meritocracy. Amazing, well performing campaigns drive highly targeted traffic to websites that turn people into customers at an ever increasing rate.


In this context, Reach is the number of people per month who want what you’ve got in the area you can service. In PPC, this is as simple as finding the number of searches a month for the keyword themes you think imply an intent to buy what you’ve got.

You may find that your industry/ecommerce niche is too small to get a lot of searches per month. So, expanding your keywords into other relevant industries may give you the volume of searches necessary to reach your revenue goals.

Discovering the right company to help you attain your goals is vital to your next marketing imitative. Be sure you’re hiring the right company that will manage your marketing as opposed to waiting for you to manage your own marketing. Contact this pay per click marketing firm here.

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